Indigo Boy

Ragazzo Dell' Indaco 2006-2007

(Zanzibar, New York City, Johannesburg, and where ever else the wind blows me...)

Web-based artwork
Indigo Boy is a web based artwork by contemporary South African artist Chris Diedericks in collaboration with digital artist and web architect katty vandenberghe. The work will be running over an entire year, leading up to Diedericks' exhibition Indigo Boy I at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery during October 2007.

Exploring men and masculinity 
Indigo Boy, as based on the web is the Creative Process journey of the artist mainly exploring men and masculinity. The work is largely inspired by the book Iron John by Robert Bly. The original story Iron John by the brothers Grimm will also be included. This is a journey into the artists' thought processes, preparation and personal research which will lead to the show Indigo Boy in 2007.

A creative process journey
After teaching Creative Development at Vega, The Brand Communications School in Sandton for six years, and Diedericks' ongoing fascination with Creative Process, the work is the result of years of personal research and reading about creativity.

Diedericks states in his paper Developing creativity and meaningful education in Creative Process in Volume 1, 2006 of The Journal of Independent Teaching and Learning that:

"We often conclude that abilities are etched in stone, inexplicable, and unchangeable. This is, of course, false. Many creative people were told by a teacher, mentor, or educator somewhere in the course of their creative lives, that they are not 'good enough', and that they will never become a 'good' artist. Contrary to popular belief, I suggest, all people are creative. It is not the exclusive preserve of men. Women, children, and even mentally challenged artists are capable of creating incredible works of art".

This is exactly why Diedericks decided to show his personal Creative Process to the world as this year long web based artwork. Personal battles, creative obstacles, and challenges will be shown in the work. Diedericks considers his Creative Process as the ultimate artwork as it can NEVER provide final answers to questions. It is rather about the questions and the open-endedness of the final work. He states:

"Something often dies in a 'final' work. Many works are over-worked and tend to loose their 'freshness' in the final 'answer' on the wall. In my opinion the most successful works in art history do not provide clear answers, it is rather loaded with various, often conflicting 'meanings'. The 'final' artwork becomes a visual text and may, like literature, be read differently in various contexts. This to me, is the magic of a successful work of art."

Professor Vera John-Steiner writes in her book Notebooks of the Mind (1997) that "great art (and great science) are gifts of the individual to the society in which he or she is born, and with which the struggling, solitary, triumphant being is inextricably joined".

Welcome to the developing world of Indigo boy - a brand new, web based, Creative Process work of art!

Ragazzo dell' Indaco - 2006-2007


The Pelasgian Creation Myth

 by Chris Diedericks, 29 June 2007


Visual Hack 02

By katty vandenberghe, 15 December 2006.

In her role as visual hacker, katty vandenberghe plays with image and html in between Indigo Boy's online entries.



October 2007
Johannesburg, South Africa

November 2007
Online at

May 2008
Stellenbosch, South Africa

October 2008
New York City, USA

An online process artwork that culminates in three physical exhibitions between South Africa and New York.


Press images:

Chris with balls

Photograph: Merwelene van der Merwe

Contemporary artist Chris Diedericks explores men and masculinity through Indigo Boy, a web-based artwork process journey at, in collaboration with digital artist katty vandenberghe.


As part of the web-based art collaboration,, katty vandenberghe played the role of builder, blogger and visual hacker to Chris Diederick's daily visual and written entries.