La Boca

Jan 17, 2008   //   by Chris Diedericks   //   2007/2008 Argentina  //  Comments Off

La Boca – Exquisite poverty
Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Many local friends warn me not to visit La Boca. Apparently one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods. I am immediately interested and go! Once again, I discover one of the most exiting areas in Buenos and an Argentinean artist I can truly relate to! It is one of the most unforgiving days – searing hot, but I get lost in my journey. I visit endless stalls of local artists humbly trying to make a living. Sad, all originality is focused on the tourist market. The simple need to earn a living… I have Maté, a local herbal tea (bitter!!!) with an artist and I realise how lucky I am once again to live in my beautiful country.


all the days
of my misty life
i dedicate to
one silver unicorn

always evasive
shy like a dragonfly
like a precious pond


As I leave Evita blows a kiss…



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