San Telmo

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San Telmo and signs of things to come…

January 2nd, 2008

Endless reflections of old money:


After a few visits to the famous San Telmo district and the Sunday antique market I realize that it is now only a matter of time before I will find for what I have come to this hard city. In all honesty I am not enjoying Buenos Aires at all, without a Spanish tongue, I find locals rude and the endless offerings of sex too much. Tomorrow I have to obtain an emergency passport to be a person again. Early evening holds the promise of another angel…

I walk, quiet like a ghost, discover secrets of this ancient city…


a raging fire
consume heavenly bodies
dancing wildly

in the court
of silver winged beasts
enjoying the wildest tango

just above
other men
their indigo wings touching
the light
on my face


Street artists keep me staying… yearning for a familiar smile in a sea of faces…

Then the evidence of a changing world makes me proud………..


…while a feathered man prepares for his daily bread…


…and the music plays on…


I leave fuller, thinking of Fire Island and moments of eternity written in the sand…

for gaz:

i see my losses
in you -
wish i could ask
the rose
about the sweet smoky scent
still lingering
on a lifeless coat

can this moment
be resurrected?
- all the rest is now

i look unashamed
in the many mirrors
of my desire -
will you please
release me…


The Third Angel…
January 9th, 2008

The third angel.

So I meet the third angel on my journey though this land, an architect, with long forgotten stories about La Belle Epoch, the golden age in the land of the Tango and easy sex. Passioned with passed-down wisdom from grandfathers and great grandfathers, he keeps us awake – sometimes we banish the night, hungry for a shared passion. We forget about borders and the waters between us. We live in the moment, discover the now.



We meet a night hawk…


An angel…


Discover old glory…


…and the only artwork at the Malba Museum of Contemporary Art I am allowed to photograph!!!




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