Museé D’Art

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At the Museé D’Art
Sunday, July 6th, 2008



palace-of-justice.jpgQueen Ranavalona I and her palace. The palace burnt down and is being rebuilt by French architechts.Chapel at the Queen’s palaceRebuilding the Queen’s palacerebuilding2.jpgrebuilding3.jpgThe Royal tombsRuins of an older palace at the Queen’s palaceMural close to the queen’s palaceMuch of the history of Madagascar in one muralCircumcisionWrestling…a national sport in MadagascarTransport for a queen

As always there are some rare finds in every part of the world…Very contemporary woodwork - I am in love…This will come home with me…

And lastly for this posting:

i the black panther
lurking in your
freshly brewed
morning coffee

you the firebird
echoing in my
darkest dreams
at night

my voice cracks
too often
i seek sign language
- the language of your body

We all live in hope, that is the one thing that Pandora left in the box for us. I am looking forwards to the days to come. Especially the promise of St Marie…


tomorrow i will pour your sunrise
into fluted crystal

Till next time…

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