City of 1000 warriors

Jul 6, 2008   //   by Chris Diedericks   //   2008 Madagascar  //  Comments Off

I arrive in the city of 1000 warriors
Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Antananarivo or ‘Tana’ reminds me so much of Addis in Ethiopia. The same impossible traffic and gems in all shapes and sizes hidden in the seemingly chaotic city. There is a strange magic here – I feel at home – immediately.

Still ridden with glandular fever and a gland under my left arm the size of a golf ball, I vow to not miss out and take taxi’s to explore the city. I discover lost kingdoms, stories of brave warriors, colonialism and a proud people occupying this carnival of culture.

often I wish
it was not
my duty
to feel

i absorb this pain
- the absense of you
in the presence
of persistent glandular poison

here the weight
of hungry eyes also
falls on my

money none -
an angelic face
shouts through my
window: “i love you”

- i love you -

carries whispered

ButcheryMalagasy spider in Avo trees

I get lost in massive markets and despite my foreign looks, become part of this strange organism. Once again I realise that the most incredible beauty is often found in the most desolate places. I find the inhabitants friendly and beautiful, the sounds and smells new and exotic. My creativity blooms early. Yet, I remember, even for a moment.

judas (for luke)

we get along best
when apart

this hell better
when back-to-back

I miss your eyes
your fingers when they butterfly
- my wet writing
on your hairy belly

mere days ago
i wished to gain
complete knowledge
of your forests

then you chose to flee
into an infinite night
barefoot, beyond all
future narratives

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