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Nicolas Menza

January 27, 2008   //   by Chris Diedericks   //   2007/2008 Argentina  //  Comments Off

Nicolas Menza – Finally!
Thursday, January 17th, 2008

At a small printmaking and paper museum in La Boca, I discover some really great work and a great artist.


for Nicolas Menza:

deliciously dark skin
unfolds itself

sandalwood smoke
in the corner of a room

your dim faces
disturbingly beautiful

i surrender willingly
into your painted embrace


Nicolas Menza, born in Buenos Aires in 1960, stands out not only for his profound and decisive painting, but alo for his production of video films, digital art and urban creations. Menza has exhibited in many important museums around the world, and his work has been purchased by private collectors and Latinamerican and European institutions.

Menza’s works annul the belief that Painting have died.

An exploration of his works unveils art that is at once authentic and vigorous. The poetic and aesthetic world of Menza, understood through forms, colours, matter, and principally, through the presence of the human figure, generates an exiting debate concerning a universal language: art.


The creative process is achieved in absolute silence, in the crowded solitude of the workshop, where only the self and the canvas breathe. it is the intimate dialogue with painting, with poetry.

To paint for no one but oneself transforms each attempt into an apprehension of truth…and it is the spirit that has to remain alert in order to be aroused, to be able to see and harvest, beyond its extreme fragility, all that takes place in the world of poetic revelations.

- Nicolas Menza

After seeing Menza’s works I am convinced that the mountain I did not see, the book I didn’t read, the human-person I don’t know, exist, but not in me, because I am not conscious of them. They are there in one point of the universe, but this non-existence does not allow me to create a synthesis, for I do not know them and one cannot cherish that which is foreign. The same happens with art. One has to first possess a pictorial and poetic concept in order to love it first and synthesize it later.

Buenos Aires, 16 January 2008